Research Centers

These are research organizations that obtain the research funding needed for their activities from the national government, from local governments, and from industry and other sources, and that carry out initiatives that are strategically important for their research.

4 Research Centers

As of August 2023

Joint Usage / Research Center

A nationally selected organization for joint use/joint research open to public and funded partially by MEXT.

1 Joint Usage / Research Center

As of August 2023

Research Hubs

Core centers for cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional research, drawing on the collective expertise of the university's faculty.

2 Research Hubs

As of August 2023

Research Divisions

These are core research organizations comprised of researchers selected from within TUS and from outside the TUS in order to provide a synergistic effect.

They develop interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary “Only at TUS” research activities.

19 Research Divisions

As of August 2023

The Open Innovation Projects

These are research organizations that promote the co-creation of new value with the aim of contributing to society through both TUS and corporations.

2 The Open Innovation Projects

As of August 2023

Area of ​​RIST

Groups at RIST with common research themes, aiming to deliver “Only at TUS” research outcomes.
RIST's five areas are Information and Societal / Fundamentals / Functional Materials / Structural Materials / Bio and Pharmacy, and every section belongs to one of these five areas.